Family Service Hours Requirement

Parental involvement at Blessed Sacrament School is vital to a child's education, strengthens the community, and helps keep the school's operating costs to a minimum. Each family (K-8) at Blessed Sacrament School is required to complete twenty (20) hours of family service. The student obligation of service hours is not included in this total. All hours must be completed by parents, guardians, or close family members. Family service hours may be acquired by volunteering for many Blessed Sacrament parish and school-sponsored functions.

The following chart outlines some examples of activities that may be available for service hour credit. Volunteer opportunities will be mentioned regularly in the weekly newsletter, and there is a link on the school website listing activities and functions in need of volunteers.

pdfIndividual Time Sheet

pdfEvent Time Sheet

Parish Volunteer Opportunities

  • Usher
  • Lector
  • Garden Party helper
  • Parish auction volunteer
  • RCIA reception volunteer
  • Service hour coordinator
  • Vacation Bible School teacher
  • Catechism teacher
  • Pastor's Annual Party volunteer
  • Church choir member
  • Men's Club member
  • Other school or parish-sponsored activities, as approved by Father Jeff

School Volunteer Opportunities

  • Office helper
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Coach of a school sport
  • Concessions worker
  • PSA committee member
  • Scrip volunteer
  • Dance chaperone
  • Halloween Carnival volunteer
  • Mardi Gras Carnival volunteer
  • Cafeteria volunteer
  • Volunteer for school fundraisers
  • Facility maintenance volunteer
  • School committee member
  • School Board member
  • CultureFest volunteer
  • Book Fair volunteer
  • Classroom volunteer
  • Scholastic Bowl coach

Waiver Policy

Family service hours are required of each family enrolled at Blessed Sacrament School. However, we understand that a few families will experience unusual circumstances that will prevent them from being able to complete all of the required 20 hours of service. If a family is unable to complete their family service hour obligation, they may apply for a waiver. The policies for submitting a request for waiver of family service hours are as follows:

  • A letter requesting a waiver of family service hours, including a full explanation of the reasons why the family cannot complete their service hour obligation, must be submitted to Father Jeff. All requests must be made in writing.
  • Requests may only be submitted from March 15th through April 15th of the current school year. No late requests will be considered.
  • Families will be notified as soon as possible whether or not their request for a waiver has been granted.
  • A waiver may be granted for the entire obligation of 20 hours or any part of the obligation. A waiver may also be denied in its entirety. Father Jeff has the sole discretion to grant or deny any request for waiver of the family service hour obligation. His decision is final and may not be appealed.
  • Family service hours are part of the tuition obligation for Blessed Sacrament School. All rules regarding unpaid tuition apply to any family service hours that have not been completed, waived or paid.

All families are highly encouraged to complete as many service hours as possible before requesting a waiver. A waiver of the entire 20 hour obligation will only be granted in the most extreme cases.

Additional Information:

  • Hours may be accrued from June 1st through the last day of school.
  • Forms for tracking family service hours, either as a family or for an event, can be found on the school website.
  • Any hours not completed by the last day of school will be assessed at $20 per hour and added to the family tuition statement at the end of the year. Hours not completed or paid for will be treated as unpaid tuition.
  • Statements of hours not completed will be emailed in early July. Payments are due prior to Fee Night.
  • A non-participation lump-sum fee of $400 may be paid for those choosing to forgo the volunteer hours.
  • Any hours accrued beyond the 20 hour requirement will not be recorded and need not be turned in.

Family Service Hours FAQ's

How many hours do I have to serve?

Each family (K-8) is required to serve 20 hours. These hours may be served by any adult in the immediate family, including parents, grandparents, step-parents, aunts and uncles.

When can service hours be served?

Service hours may be served at any qualifying event or meeting from June 1 through May 31. (Service hours for families with the youngest child in 8th grade must complete service hours or pay for remaining hours before the graduation date.)

How do I keep track of my hours?

Tracking sheets are available online or in the school office. There are two forms available. One form is intended for committee chairs to make available at events. The other form is for keeping track of individual hours.

Where do I turn in my service hour forms?

Forms may be turned in any time at the school office or the parish rectory.

How do I find out how many hours I have served?

You may contact the Family Service Hour Coordinator, as listed below.  Also, a report of completed hours will be sent home every quarter with the youngest child’s report card.

Do my service hours have to be approved?

Yes!  All service hours must be approved with a signature from someone who can verify that you served the hours.  Each family is responsible for obtaining the necessary signatures.

Who is authorized to sign for service hours served?

Anyone who can verify that you served the hours is authorized to sign for service hours. For example, committee chairpersons can sign for hours served by the people on their committee or for volunteers at their event; teachers and secretaries can sign for hours served in the classroom and for lunch volunteers; the athletic director can sign for hours served by coaches, etc… 

What activities qualify for service hours?

Most school and/or parish-sponsored activities qualify as service hours.  A list of suggested activities is on the back of this sheet.  If you aren’t sure if your activity qualifies, please check with the Family Service Hour Coordinator for verification.

Where can I find opportunities for service hours?

Various service hour opportunities are listed on the school website.  In addition to the website, look for opportunities to be listed in the school’s Thursday letter. If you don’t see a particular event or opportunity listed on the website or in the Thursday letter, you may check with the Family Service Hour Coordinator listed below to see if it qualifies.  Opportunities are everywhere! 

If I am the chairperson of a committee or event, what are my responsibilities?

You should print the event tracking form off the website and make sure that it is available for people to sign in. Afterwards, please sign the form to verify its accuracy and turn it in to the office.

How can I find out if my event qualifies for service hours and/or recruit volunteers?

Contact the Family Service Hours Coordinator listed below to find out if your event qualifies.  The coordinator will also be able to have your event listed on the website and in the Thursday letter as a service hour opportunity.

Are service hours transferable to another family?

No, service hours are not transferable.  Any hours that you serve may only be used by your immediate family.

What if I will not be able to complete 20 service hours?

If you are not be able to complete 20 service hours for the school year, the service hours may be purchased at a rate of $20 per hour.  If you cannot afford to purchase the remaining service hours, the requirement may be waived by submitting a request to the pastor between March 15th & April 15th. All waivers must be approved by the pastor.

Can I pay for all of my service hours?

Yes.  If you would prefer to pay for your family’s service hours rather than serve them, you may submit a check to the school any time from June 1st to May 31st for $400.

Do my student’s service hours count for Family Service Hours?

No, service hours assigned to students do not count toward family service hours.  Family service hours are to be served by adults.