School Profile

Blessed Sacrament School was founded in 1925 and is a school of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, recognized by the State Board of Education.

With strong standardized testing scores that are consistently above national and diocesan norms, our dedicated, faculty and staff provide excellent preparation for high school and beyond.

Blessed Sacrament offers a computer laboratory with 32 workstations; students receive computer and technology instruction at least once per week.  Smart Boards enhance learning in all of our classrooms and a cart of Ipads are available for student use.  Students also receive weekly classes in art, music, and physical education and have access to the library that is open daily.

Seventh grade students participate in science fair and eighth grade students participate in history fair.  Winning projects are promoted to regional and state competitions.

The Young Authors program encourages self-expression and language arts skill building and is a part of the curriculum for all grade levels three through eight and optional for grades K-2.  Numerous essay contests are promoted each year, supplementing our writing curriculum.  BSS was selected by the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) to provide the IMSA Fusion program for gifted 4th and 5th grade math students in 2012.

Numerous extracurricular activities are available to the students.  Athletic teams include basketball, baseball, softball, track & field, golf, cross country, volleyball & wrestling.  Scouting, band, and choir are popular with the students as well as our Builders Club, Garden Club, & Robotics Club.

All students participate in mission projects and work on charitable drives throughout the school year.

School services include learning resource teachers for grades K-8, speech services and a school counselor.  Students also participate in Art Outreach Character Education.  Before-School and After-School care is provided.

Blessed Sacrament School boasts an active and involved parent organization as well as a supportive and vital parish community.