Mission Statement

Nurturing the whole student - body, mind and spirit

Blessed Sacrament School strives to provide exceptional preschool through eighth grade Catholic education that nurtures the whole student---body, mind, and spirit---and encourages each to develop a life-long personal relationship with Christ in a caring community where the students are learning to make a difference.

Philosophy:  We believe that Jesus sent His Spirit to be with us always to guide, direct, and energize the love of God in us.  We trust and rely on God’s gifts to each one in our school family---parents, students, and teachers.

We believe that the parents have the primary responsibility in the education of their child.  It is they who set the attitudes and values and give real meaning to Christian education in the schools.  After the parents have freely entrusted their child to the Catholic school, it is their right and duty to assist the school by their cooperation and support according to their ability.

We believe that the child, a unique individual, has definite basic relationships to God, to others, to nature, and to self.  Through interaction with people, ideas, and things in the total school environment, the child’s potential---spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical---is developed and strengthened.

We believe that the school’s primary responsibility to the child, home, and society is to form totally prepared Christians.  Through both the teachers and curriculum, the school is a place of discovery which opens new avenues of learning, stimulates critical and creative thinking, fosters clarification of personal values, and promotes the child’s awareness of his/her place as a force of good in God’s redemptive plan.

We believe that the community should work with the parents and school to promote further enrichment and growth and should help each child become aware of his/her civic responsibilities and the importance of making a difference in others’ lives through service.

We believe that the faith community---the Church---has the responsibility of assisting the parents in carrying out their duty of the Christian education of the child.  We believe, also, that the Catholic school is the most effective means available to the Church in its educational ministry to the children and young people.  (August 2007)

Goals:  The teachers of Blessed Sacrament School will strive to provide a Christian environment where basic Catholic values are taught by example as well as by word.  They will provide academic instruction and opportunities for learning to help each child reach his/her full potential.  (August 2007)

Objectives:  In order to achieve the mission of Blessed Sacrament School, the students will

  • Model their lives on the teachings of Jesus through prayer, respect for life, practice of self-discipline, and responsible decision making.
  • Participate in the life of the Church, especially in the sacraments, liturgy, and service.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic Church teachings, traditions, and history.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read fluently and with understanding.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and correctly through speaking and writing for a variety of purposes.
  • Demonstrate the effective use and application of computational skills and mathematical concepts.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of scientific methods and concepts.
  • Exhibit the knowledge of our country’s democratic process, history, and cultural diversity needed to become active citizens within our community, country,  and world.
  • Express themselves creatively through fine arts.
  • Enhance their learning in other areas through the use of technology.
  • Work both independently and cooperatively.
  • Demonstrate the personal and social skills and character traits needed for spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness.  (August 2007)