Family Service Hours Requirement

Parental involvement at Blessed Sacrament School is vital to a child's education, strengthens the community, and helps keep the school's operating costs to a minimum. Each family (K-8) at Blessed Sacrament School is required to complete twenty (20) hours of family service. The student obligation of service hours is not included in this total. All hours must be completed by parents, guardians, or close family members. Family service hours may be acquired by volunteering for many Blessed Sacrament parish and school-sponsored functions.

The following chart outlines some examples of activities that may be available for service hour credit. Volunteer opportunities will be mentioned regularly in the weekly newsletter, and there is a link on the school website listing activities and functions in need of volunteers.

pdfIndividual Time Sheet

pdfEvent Time Sheet

Additional Information:

  • Hours may be accrued from June 1st through the last day of school.
  • Forms for tracking family service hours, either as a family or for an event, can be found on the school website.
  • Any hours not completed by the last day of school will be assessed at $20 per hour and added to the family tuition statement at the end of the year. Hours not completed or paid for will be treated as unpaid tuition.
  • Statements of hours not completed will be emailed in early July. Payments are due prior to Fee Night.
  • A non-participation lump-sum fee of $400 may be paid for those choosing to forgo the volunteer hours.
  • Any hours accrued beyond the 20 hour requirement will not be recorded and need not be turned in.

Family Service Hours FAQ's

Family Service Hour Coordinator

Michelle Hinds-Greenwood

522-7534 x201