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Eighth Grade Service Hours Information


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As part of their preparation for Confirmation and as training for their calling to help build up the Kingdom of God, 8th graders are required to do service hours. This service is for a religion grade each quarter. Each student is required to do at least 6 service hours per quarter, which will count as a C for the religion assignment. To earn an A, the student must do at least 10 hours. More hours are certainly allowed and encouraged!

Students may use hours earned during the summer between 7th and 8th grade toward their service hours requirement. Vacation Bible School and the Garden Party are popular ways for students to earn these hours. Any hours earned over the summer will be divided among all four quarters, with 5 hours maximum credited to each quarter. All other hours must be earned during their respective quarters.

Only deeds done without any compensation can count toward service hours. This service falls into two categories: parish/school and community. Students are encouraged to do at least 3 hours for the parish and/or school and 3 hours in the community. Extra credit will be given to students who meet this goal. Service must be done in half-hour increments to qualify. Students may receive credit for 5 hours maximum per activity per quarter.

Students may NOT earn hours for work done for their families (including work done for family businesses), or for work such as babysitting, pet sitting, or plant watering. Additionally, students may NOT earn hours for work during the regular school day without special permission. Though this type of service is meritorious and encouraged, it does not fulfill the purpose of the service hour requirement for Confirmation preparation. Please check with me if you are unsure about a service project.

Service Hour Sheets are to be signed by the adult who is supervising the 8th graders as they work. Parents may not sign Service Hour Sheets unless they are in charge of the activity. It is better to have an adult other than the parent sign for the hours whenever possible. No credit will be given to activities without an adult signature!

Service Hour Sheets must be in ink with no white out. Times changed on the sheet will result in no credit. Late forms will be given half-credit – NO EXCEPTIONS! Please do not wait until the last minute to have your form signed. Please keep a copy of the service hour sheet before turning it in.

Some suggested service opportunities are:

COMMUNITY                                                                       CHURCH/SCHOOL

Visit a nursing home (call ahead for permission)                    Vacation Bible School

Work at St. Martin de Porres                                               Altar server (as long as not paid)

Organize a drive to meet a need (e.g., food, clothing, etc.)   Choir member

Work community sporting event                                          Builder’s Club officer or active member

Mission Outreach (with an adult)                                         Help a teacher

Help at SHG or other school’s function                                 Share the Word during Mass

                                                                                       Help with BSS functions (e.g., Garden Party, Parish Auction)

Service Hours

Revised May 2018