SCRIP Program

Scrip is just another name for gift cards.

Blessed Sacrament purchases gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip (a clearing house offering hundreds of different gift cards) at a discount of 1.5% - 20%, depending on the business.

Gift cards are sold to our families at face value. Example: you pay $100.00 for a Shop & Save card that the school purchased for $95.00. The school earns $5.00 on your purchase. We offer an incentive to our families of 50% of the profits earned to be applied towards tuition or free scrip. It doesn't seem like much, but purchased each week over the course of a year, it adds up to a donation of $130.00 per year to the school and $130.00 towards tuition for your family.

Blessed Sacrament offers 50% of the rebates earned back to the participating families in the form of free scrip or tuition credits.

On-Hand Scrip and Special Orders      (BSS Scrip Forms

Blessed Sacrament keeps an inventory of the most popular gift cards so that you can purchase them easily. All businesses listed on the school order form are available in limited quantities.

Many other gift cards are available by special order. You can find a complete listing on the website at These cards are ordered each Monday after 10:00 a.m.   On this site you can also reload existing cards and order ScripNow which are gift certificates that are emailed to you.

Purchasing Scrip

Instant Shopping Hours - Come to the school office during school office hours and purchase any on-hand scrip instantly. 

Place your order online at Your order may be printed out and sent in with a check or you may use PrestoPay to pay online. Your order may be delivered to your child (once payment is received) or picked up in the school office.

Send an order and a check with your child to school. Scrip will be delivered through your child's classroom or may be picked in the school office.

Order forms will be sent home occasionally and are also available on the school website. You may also just write your request on a piece of paper with your name and delivery/pickup preference, attached to a check. Based on the preference that you indicate on your order, your gift cards will be delivered to your child or held in the school office for you to pick up.

Send an email to or call Lisa at 522-7534, x113.


Contact the school office if you have any questions regarding scrip. We would be happy to assist you!


Scrip Hours (School Office)
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(or during school hours)

pdfScrip Order Form
This form includes scrip on-hand only.
A full list of available scrip can be found at the link below.

Order online.
(Call the school office for the enrollment code)
View entire list of scrip available.
Reload exisiting cards.
Order ScripNow! (gift certificates that are emailed to you)